Garden State Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy Reviews

I’ve trained jiu jitsu for three years consecutively, but took some time off this past year for a multitude of reasons. But, when Shawna invited me to come try out her gym, I was excited to get back on the mats. I’ve been lucky enough to train at some amazing schools and learn from very talented black belts, but Garden State Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy has got to be one of the most laidback and fun environments that I’ve gotten to roll. Everyone was incredibly inviting and I couldn’t get over how much every single person was laughing and enjoying themselves, even in the midst of seriously intense training. I can appreciate anyone who can check their ego at the door and leave it all on the mat while still genuinely enjoying themselves. I can’t wait to be back once I get back to full time training!

Samantha Megan

My daughter and I started training at GSBJJ about a year ago and we couldn’t be happier. Great coaches and atmosphere in the gym. Chris is approachable and knowledgeable and runs a first class program. I highly recommend Garden State BJJ to anyone interested in the sport.

Chris Baldassano

I can’t say enough positive things about Garden State Brazilian jiu jitsu academy. My son started when he was 4 and has learned so much! The coaches are fantastic. They teach them so very much and it translates into all aspects of their lives as they continue to grow. They learn patience, and teamwork, how to listen, and the classes are fun! Thank you Coach Chris, Coach Gino, Coach Valencia, Coach Nick, Coach Pete and the rest of the team!! I wish I could mention you all, as you are all amazing. I can’t wait for my little one to start next.

Kimberly Anne

Great gym with great instructors.

Louis Avena

Beautiful school with top level instruction. Welcoming to both beginners and advanced students!

Sven Tastic

Amazing school! Great instruction, tough competition, and perfect for all levels.

Hany Tawfick

GSBJJ is an incredible school! My son has learned so much from his coaches. Most importantly he’s learned how to be apart of a team. He loves cheering on his peers at tournaments! He enjoys going to classes (sometimes 4-5 times a week), competing, and just feeling like he belongs.

Maria Elizabeth

Incredible instruction and atmosphere, if you’re in New Jersey and want great Jiu Jitsu, Garden State BJJ is the place to go.

Aldor Delp

Awesome place to train for all levels! Chris is a great teacher who offers technical instruction and a great team environment. Highly Recommended!

Christopher Brough

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