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Marialis Monchek
via Google

I enrolled my son then 6 yr old son, almost 5 months ago and I am amazed at the impact it has had on him. Several friends and family members have commented on how much his focus and attention have improved, and I attribute it to jiu-jitsu 100%, as not much else has changed. I see how the coaches command and maintain the kids' focus. I particularly like Coach Gino's style of giving them consequences for not paying attention or talking in class (a consequence might be sitting out a game). For my son this has worked wonderfully. All the coaches are amazing. I can't say enough good things about Garden State Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and coaches, so I am happy to see my son's progress reflect their work and dedication.

Tara Rescinio
via Google

All coaches and head instructors are super helpful, as well as fellow training partners. From beginners to advanced the moves will challenge you. Kids learn moves super fast and have fun.

Rob Mcburnie
via Google

For years I have given myself reasons or excuses why I don't have time to pursue Jiu-Jitsu, I finally joined Garden State BJJ after wanting to for a long time. The people here are awesome, everyone has been friendly and supportive. The class schedule has been great and easy to attend. After an hour class I walk out of there feeling better physically, relieved of stress mentally and satisfied with how much I had just learned, The workouts and technical approach to BJJ has been so much fun and I can't wait until the next class! The experience so far has exceeded my expectations, my only regret is that I didn't join sooner.

Elena Afliatunova
via Google

Very good school. My kids love it.

Ken Erb
via Google

My experience with Garden State Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has been nothing but positive. The instructors are of the highest caliber, providing relevant and personalized instruction, as well as appropriately leveled training. All of my training partners have been friendly and helpful as well. GSBJJ is the exact kind of school I was looking for and I hope to train there for many years to come. I would recommend it to anyone interested in BJJ.

via Google

One of the best places to train in the area. Whether you are just dropping in for a class, attending a seminar or beginning your Jiu Jitsu journey, Garden State Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has what your looking for. The coaching staff is phenomenal and fellow members of the gym are always warm and welcoming. Highly recommended.

Matthew Meyerkopf
via Google

Stopped in for some training while I was in the area and was very impressed with the facility, instruction, and overall atmosphere. I will definitely drop in any time I am in town!

Robert Simone
via Google

Great place to train. Tons of experience at all levels. Great place for kids as well. Chris is an awesome teacher along with everyone who takes time to help out in class. Couldn’t ask for more. The Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing is a level above the rest.

Brandon Zenner
via Google

My 7 year old daughter began classes a few months ago, and I can't express how impressed I am with the studio and staff. The classes are not only teaching her valuable martial arts techniques, she's learning to be disciplined, getting a great workout, all while having a great time. If you're on the fence between this studio and another one, I highly recommend going with this school.

Charles Anttonen
via Google

Great atmosphere. I came to Garden State BJJ with zero prior experience and cannot recommend it enough.

Anthony Sarci
via Google

I began my training back in March 2021, and was welcomed with open arms by not only Chris and Julian, two amazing coaches. But by all the other members no matter what rank they may be everyone is always willing to help out and better ourselves. If you’re thinking of a New Years resolution list, I would definitely put on begin training at garden state BJJ on there!

Matthew Negron
via Google

This is the best place to train at. The class times are great to work around my schedule. You are always pushed to work to hard and the whole team makes you feel like you’re a family. Everyone really cares and wants to see your improvement.

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